When I look to all creation, I see God. As I paint, I recall pieces of the process by which God created life, and it gives me comfort. At the start, there is nothing. Then, there is an individual with the intuition to create. Void of any design, the heart has an instinctual call, with a desire to please the eye. The body begins to take over and propels itself in motion, gathering material, stockpiling and rearranging it, so that life can emerge from its presence. After hours of work, the final result is a cosmos of color, creation, and creator. The design is unaware of the designer, for it lives in a dimension both in part and separate from its creator. Although it is not fully aware of its creator, it is still fully loved by the artist that has created it. In this same manner, I recognize the patterns of a great designer, and despite not having the conscientious capacity to fully understand my God, I humbly acknowledge it and thank it for my life. I create with hopes that my art, might in some small way, please that which has created me.