July in Full

For quite a while now my focus has been on people, and I’ve been on a continuous journey to try and find the reason for this curiosity. I’ve never considered myself a people person, so there is an urge to understand others that may have motivated me to go in that path. My work tends to be personal using the people and environment surrounding me as reference. I find myself exploring relationships between the identity of the person I’m painting with my own. Recently, I’ve been working with the subject of dreamscapes whether about a dream that was real or desired. These dream inspired pieces lend themselves to deeper exploration into the identity of myself in relation to others. In the dream-like environments I create, a theme of isolation has been brought up that I am further diving into. The backgrounds of my work often incorporate multiple elements that personally relate to whoever I am painting. There has always been an earthiness to my work, a direct reaction of myself, as I study the nature around me and its colors and shapes I’m so drawn to.