Looking Back

The relationship between grief and comfort is a complex cycle that we will all experience. We turn to the things that we nd comforting in hopes that they will be our remedy. But to what limit can we stretch the things we cling to? When is it healthy to cover our grief with sweetness, rather than experiencing it. To what extent do we use the images, motifs, and muses we nd solace in to our own gain, especially when we no longer need them. When should we abandon them in order to experience what we are avoiding? By adorning a functional ceramic piece with a rendered image there is a way to tangibly explore these subjects. So as the image looks back at you it asks, “How will I be used?”

  • Artist: Izzy Bliss
  • Medium: Ceramic, Cone 5 glaze
  • Dimensions: Approximately 12” High x 24” Wide x 6” Deep
  • Sale Price: $150.00 per piece
  • Contact: isabliss@ou.edu