Pardon Your French

Pardon Your French is a satirical take on the frivolous spending and outrageous lifestyles King Louis and Marie Antoinette lived that ultimately led to the downfall of France. Both models are wearing custom and hand-sewn costumes created by the artist with materials coming from local second-hand stores. The repurposed costumes represent the idea of being able to still live a luxurious lifestyle without putting a country’s well-being at risk. This plays into our current issues regarding sustainability in the fashion industry and our environment as a whole.

Each photo was shot on a Holga pinhole camera in the Underground of OKC. By using a pinhole camera, the artist was able to create a fuzzy atmosphere that feels reminiscent of another time. The uncertainty of pinhole cameras allows for unexpected light leaks and color schemes to add to this atmosphere.

  • Artist: Grayson Wise
  • Medium: chromogenic print
  • Dimensions: 9-3/8"x11"x3/4" (there are three frames of this size in this piece)
  • Sale Price: $500
  • Contact: