The Death Of Birds

Birds are vanishing. Since 1970 the North American bird population has seen a devastating decline of 2.9 billion. This population collapse is driven by habitat loss, pesticides use, collisions, open oil pits, and oil spills. Climate change is leading to unpredictable ecosystem disruptions. And in 2020 the Federal Government is planning a rollback of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act protections. This diptych is a response to the tragedy and mismanagement of our natural world. Color is used symbolically. Black references oil pits, oil spills, and death, while red connotes the warming planet, a warning sign, and moral decline. The bird skeletons are 3D printed using CT Scans from the Field Museum of Natural History bird collection in Chicago, IL, and depict the American Golden-Plover. The American Golden- Plover is on the watch list for species most in danger of extinction without conservation action.