The Truth Will Set You Free But First It Will Piss You Off

The conceptual ideas embedded within this work were discovered throughout the beginning stages of process. I knew I wanted to experiment with collaborating with the natural world, but wasn’t sure what exactly would come to the surface. I left 3 canvases covered in the mediums mentioned above out for 4 days and let nature take it’s course. The final piece was a decalcomania press of the initial warm-toned canvas and was left with some super interesting paint blobs. I immediately envisioned a landscape playing out within the colors. At this point, I was inspired to have the essence of this piece speaking to climate change, global-warming, and the control that we impose on the Earth, despite the fact that nature is unapologetically untamed. Human induced actions have inevitable consequences and it is no surprise that we are rapidly experiencing those more and more as time progresses. I tied in my admiration for traditional Asian landscapes and feel identified with many Eastern philosophies, so I intend to infuse a sense of identity within the motif. I had no reference photo to invoke a more intuitive representation of nature. The overall piece is somewhat chaotic, which reflects how many of us feel toward the climate crisis. Ultimately, I intend for this piece to emotionally resonate with the viewer while symbolizing our quest to understand and heal the tragedy opposed upon our scared planet.